New solomons pm urged to get to work

New solomons pm urged to get to work

New solomons pm urged to get to work

Monday, December 12, 2017

By Michael McManus – The following is an article in The Irish Times:

There will be no end to it tonight as thousands are expected to flood to Dublin and elsewhere from the UK and Europe to support the injured.

Dublin Mayor Eamon Gilmore has declared a state of emergency in the capital, with hospitals set to close for six hours.

It comes as thousands of people are heading더킹카지노 to hospitals around the country, including five in the inner city of Cork where the first major casualty was caused yesterday when a man died in hospital after being hit by a train while trying to help his friend.

Dublin City Council’s emergency management service said there are concerns from residents about the potential for flooding and that the council needs to establish a plan for how to cope w바카라사이트ith emergency services to ensure they arrive before people leave.

There are more than 1,500 police officers on duty around the country, including emergency forces, flood protection units and emergency services. The force has a specialist flood centre in Rathmines but there has been no word from the Irish National Police or Fire Service about any of their plans for dealing with any flooding.

The Irish Airforce had more than 120 aircraft ready in the wake of yesterday’s major storm that was reported as “the worst in the country since record keeping began”.

There were delays to all sorts of services – from the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Dublin to the Royal Tyrrell in Cork with the air ambulance, the Irish Air Ambulance Service and the Fire Brigades were all delayed yesterday but the Royal Ulster Constabulary was one of the quickest to respond.

In Limerick, the fire service had one of its six helicopters available for use by people to help out after reports of flooding and damage.

The Waterford Regional Ambulance Service (WRAS) was ready to take in emergency crews in Limerick who had left for other parts of the country following the storm.

In Dublin, there was a 20% rise in reported phone calls to 999 this morning from people reporting flooding.

The Irish Air Ambulance Service had two helicopters available at all times to evacu바카라ate Dubliners who needed it – one that went to Air Ireland’s base at Loughborough and the other to the Loughborough emergency services base.

All roads were closed around the city after the storm struck, with streets on the outskirts of Dublin closed for traffic and all road traffic in and out of centra