Govt under fire over stalled anti domestic violence bill

Govt under fire over stalled anti domestic violence bill

Govt under fire over stalled anti domestic violence bill

After the rape and death of three girls in a Delhi bus, the BJP has demanded a complete overhaul of the law, saying that the gang rapes and m더킹카지노urder of the three teens were the responsibility of the government. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Sunday claimed the gang rape of three boys in a Delhi bus was not a gang rape and said the government does not have a coherent answer to the matter.

This is not the first time Swamy has made a statement on the matter, as his team is now working with the Delhi Chief Minister to launch a nationwide rally on Thursday against the bill. Swamy claimed that no explanation of how the gang rapes and the killing of the teens could be linked to the Delhi Police.

“I don’t think it is logical. The police did not have a coherent statement after the incident, when the three teens were allegedly gang raped, then they arrested two of the accused,” he said. “We are here for the third and fourth accused.”

Swamy also alleged that no criminal responsibility for such crimes could be sought if no incident of rape took place in the past.

On the 우리카지노issue, the BJP demanded that a law be passed to prevent sexual assault on women, and to curb the rampant sexual assault reported in the city.

“This law will have huge impact. The city will be protected from such crimes. The law will protect women and ensure justice. It is time for the government to listen to what the community has to say,” Swamy said.

Earlier, on Sunday, Swamy had said that the rape of three boys in a bus in the same city, did not reflect the nature of Delhi culture and that the “vigilante culture” was to blame.

“The girl from the bus, the girl who was kilapronxled, should have been treated as a woman and not as a child of a gang of 10 people,” the BJP leader had said in Parliament while referring to the attack. “When you are being raped, when you are being gangraped at a bus stop, then you should be treated as a victim of crime, not a victim of a gang,” he had added.

(This story, originally published on December 30, was re-published on Monday and has been corrected to remove the misquotation in the fourth paragraph of the original story)