Corruption inquiry hears ‘pot of money’ phone taps

Corruption inquiry hears ‘pot of money’ phone taps

Corruption inquiry hears ‘pot of money’ phone tap카지노 사이트s

The Prime Minister has already been under pressure from within his party after leaked material revealed details of the calls.

But Mr Turnbull said he had nothing to hide.

“I have absolutely nothing to hide,” he said.

He said it was the Prime Minister’s job to speak out when the Government was wrong, not to hide from it.

“I don’t expect everyone in 바카라the Coalition to agree with me about everything and I don’t expect everything from everyone in the Liberal Party but the Government does need to have a very clear conscience about its governance.”

But Mr Turnbull said he was only saying things that did not come from the frontbench.

“I’m not running the country. My job is not to say what the Government says or should say. My job is to hold the Government of Australia to account,” he said.

“[The Labor 바카라사이트Government] have no policy positions because there are no policies.

“I don’t have anything to hide. I’m not under investigation and I’m not asking for any special treatment.”

The investigation will continue on Saturday in conjunction with an investigation that was launched in the 1990s after the ABC made a series of series exposing political corruption in Australian politics.

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