Coque iphone 6 avec verre trempé Best Tips For Using iPhone In The Dark And Reducing Eye Strain-coque iphone 4s lebron james-jniqvd

Coque iphone 6 avec verre trempé Best Tips For Using iPhone In The Dark And Reducing Eye Strain-coque iphone 4s lebron james-jniqvd

Best Tips For Using iPhone In The Dark And Reducing Eye Strain

One of the best parts of using an iPhone is that it’s pretty awesome in adapting to the natural light and adjust its screen’s color accordingly. It helps in reducing eye strain and help users with a healthier screen. But those are not just the features that come handy when you’re using the coque iphone 6s 7 nains iPhone in the dark.

Here’s how you can get a darker screen on iPhone and reduce your eye strain while using it at night or in the dark:

iPhone was blessed with a system wide dark mode coque iphone 6s nike silicone with the launch of iOS 13 last year. Dark Mode completely revamps the interface of not just your iPhone’s menus but also the apps by giving them a dark background with light text over the screen. This makes it easier meilleures coque iphone 6s for users to read on screen in the dark and reduce strain.

Using dark mode on the iPhone is pretty easy, and it can be enabled directly through phone settings. Follow coque iphone 6 mange la pomme these steps to get dark mode on iPhone:

Step 1: Head to Settings>>Display and Brightness.

Step 3: In case, you want an adaptable toggle between Light and Dark appearances, you can always select Automatic. Your phone would auto switch according to the light between both appearances.

Step 4: You can always set your own coque iphone 7 plus ellesse preference over when you want dark mode on iPhone enabled during the day.

iPhone’s voice assistant Siri, which coque iphone 6 hijab has a number of coque iphone 7 shortcut abilities, can also enable dark mode on your iPhone over voice commands. The iOS 13 dark mode is designed to be adaptable. This is the reason that all the system apps and some third party apps directly switch to dark mode on the iPhone. However, there coque iphone 8 are certain applications such as meilleure coque iphone 7 noir de jais Facebook Messenger that has its settings to enable dark mode. The dark mode for Gmail on iPhones is coque huawei mate also enabled from within the app.

2. How to Use Night Shift on iPhone

It has been found in various researches that a blue flash of light influences our brain to stay alert, thus hampering our sleep patterns. It is said that since we see blue in the sky during day time, our brain associates that fact coque personnalisees samsung with alertness. On the other hand, an orange flash of light, similar to the end of the day associates with winding down, which ultimately leads us to our sleep in dark.

But, since the phone’s screen light coque iphone 6 roxy is blue, our brain tends to stay alert even in the dark and hampers our sleep. With the iPhone, you can enable the Night Shift mode to turn the screen color a coque iphone 6s plus alu bit warmer and reduce the impact of blue screen light. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: coque iphone 6 lumineuse pour selfie Head to Settings>>Display and Brightness.

Step 4: Alternatively, you can enable Sunset to Sunrise dynamic schedule, wherein Night Shift will automatically be enabled near the time of sunset and would be automatically disabled near sunrise.

Step 5: Change the color temperature via the slider bar to decide the warmth of the color of the screen when Night Shift is on.

There is no hard evidence supporting that warm screen color would help in the healthier screen. But coque iphone 7 plus bts it surely dims the light of the coque iphone 6 joker batman iPhone screen and reduces eye strain.

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3. How to Enable Color Tint on iPhones

Human eyes have a natural night coque iphone 5 kyubi vision that allows all coque iphone 7 kylie cosmetics of us to view objects and see clearly to some extent, even in the dark. But, when you have a constant blue light flashing on your eyes in the dark, you tend to lose the night vision.

This the reason that vehicle headlights have red filters on them so that the vision of the people coming from the front is not blurred. Similarly, coques personnalisees iphone 5 5s se iPhones have a feature called Color Tint, that adds a similar filter to the screen, allowing you to preserve your night vision.

Here’s how you can enable Color Tint via Color Filters on your iPhone:

Step 1: Head to Settings>>Accessibility.

Step 2: Tap on Display and Text Size.

Step 4: Toggle on Color Filters and then tap on Color Tint from the bottom of the list.

Step 5: Set the Intensity and Hue of the Color Tint to the maximum by moving the sliders to choisir coque iphone 8 the maximum limit. This would help in the coque iphone 6 mr robot maximum possible preservation of night vision.

The screenshot above won’t display the effects of Color Tint as the filter is applied to the display. Any image or screenshot captured is not affected by the red color filter…